Trend Report

Overview of the general price trends in the supermarket industry.


Trend Report

Gain unique trend insights into price increases and decreases across the entire supermarket category tree. View and compare the overall price trends of A-brands and private labels.

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Supermarket inflation statistics
Available in PDF and interactive tool
In-depth category insights
Price dynamics for brands and private labels
Quarterly and yearly updates

The trend report provides the opportunity to gain insight into price dynamics and inflation statistics on a total supermarket level which can be split into detailed category dynamics.

The PDF report consists of over 200 pages of data, compiled from millions of price measurements of dutch supermarkets. The data, which goes back 4 years, offers a year over year and a quarterly overview of price dynamics on category level up to 6 categories deep.
The report can also be made available as an interactive interface within your IPV dashboard. Simply click and navigate through the categories to get a top-down view of price developments in the market.

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