Promo Analyzer

Linking sales and promotion data for analysis of promotion effectiveness.


Promo Analyzer

The Promo Analyzer enables you to efficiently analyze the impact of promotions by linking base, subsidized, and incremental sales to promotional activities like for example leaflet placement.

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Linking sales and leaflet advertisements
Ranking the success of promotions
Market share statistics
Promo uplift and effectiveness KPI’s
Export of connected data

Analyzing the impact of promotions on sales results can be time-consuming. The more detailed analysis you desire, the more complex it becomes. With the Promo analyzer, you will get more in-depth insights in less time.

The Promo analyzer establishes connections between the executed promotion and the resulting outcome in euros, volume, and units. With a direct link between the flyer or online advertisement and the outcome, you can immediately see the effect of each advertisement and mechanism down to SKU level.
Easily switch between different views and filter the dataset to gain the desired insights. From bar chart visualizations to cumulative period comparisons, from promo rankings to market share statistics.

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