Promotion Tool

Current and historical insights into promotional activities, including online and offline data sources.


Promotion Tool

Gain insights into where, when, and how promotions have been executed by retailers historically, or check what promotions are active today. Search by brand or category and customize the output according to your preference, from visual flyers to precise SKU data.

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Search for flyer advertisements
SKU data behind promotions
Mechanism count statistics
Measurements of online promotions
Exporting data behind leaflet execution

We collect leaflets, make data out of each individual advertisement and track online promotion activities. We provide insights into which products were in promotion, along with their prices and mechanisms.

Filter by brand and category to view where your brands and those of competition have been or are currently being promoted. Break down the data via our leaflet counter, or for example see how often the free shipment mechanism is executed for online sales.
With our visual export function, there is no need for manual cutting and pasting of flyer images. The Excel exports provide the necessary data for in-depth promotion analysis, including data EAN code, folder page statistics and temperature development.

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