Price Tool

Current and historical insights into all relevant price movements in the market.


Price Tool

Monitor and analyze price developments, export data and stay informed about changes through email updates. No need to visit separate websites or stores to analyze price development, but an immediate insight into pricing dynamics of your market.

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Current price data
Daily email updates
Price dynamics between retailers
Price comparisons
Historical data up to 2010

We measure the prices of your products, from A-brands to private labels, using online and in-store measurements.

The pricing tool ensures that your organization stays continuously informed about price developments in the market. We measure prices online and based on store visits. We link the data to provide dynamic insights.
Set your own preferences for the products that matter to you and choose the retailers from whom you wish to receive updates. The email update reports daily price, promotion, and availability changes.

Why companies choose IPV Data

Data quality
and consistency
Intuitive and
user-friendly tools
Efficient data collection 
and analysis
Customer-centric solutions
and service
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